Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Here's some things that are confusing me this week...

the other day i was on the bus and some man behind me was clipping his nails! wtf! it is so wrong to clip your nails, put on/take off nail polish or do any other sort of personal hygiene situation while on public transportation. i am baffled that people don't just automatically know this! do they think they are alone on the bus/subway? do they not know how totally gross it is? i have a fear that a flying nail is going to hit me and then i would vom all over the bus.

ok so wtf is up with this dog? this confuses me because i don't know if i should laugh or be sad for the dog. he's wearing jeans and a tank top and is sitting behind a boom box. why would you dress your dog like that? and if you were going to dress your dog like why wouldn't you go even further and put a hat out to collect some money? wtf.
jay-z didn't participate in the remake of "we are the world" and when asked why he said it was because he didn't feel that anyone should remake the song...and then he compared it to "thriller." wtf jay-z, "thriller"? "we are the world" is an ok song with a great message, it's not nearly as good as "thriller"! i agree that the song probably shouldn't have been remade, it's weird to hear rap and auto tune but the message behind the song is a good message. but let's be real jigga, you just wanted to do your own song so you could be the center of attention.

ok so this tattoo seriously says will eat pussy. wtf! is that something that this guy really needs to advertise? does this tattoo help him meet the ladies? i don't know, but if he hasn't found that special someone he should date the woman with the dick sucka tattoo from last week. can anyone say M.F.E.O??

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  1. Dude! What if dick sucka and will eat pussy got together. best reality tv show EVER. let's get these people in the same room and see what happens!!!