Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Here's some things that are confusing me this week...

the other day i was on the bus and some man behind me was clipping his nails! wtf! it is so wrong to clip your nails, put on/take off nail polish or do any other sort of personal hygiene situation while on public transportation. i am baffled that people don't just automatically know this! do they think they are alone on the bus/subway? do they not know how totally gross it is? i have a fear that a flying nail is going to hit me and then i would vom all over the bus.

ok so wtf is up with this dog? this confuses me because i don't know if i should laugh or be sad for the dog. he's wearing jeans and a tank top and is sitting behind a boom box. why would you dress your dog like that? and if you were going to dress your dog like why wouldn't you go even further and put a hat out to collect some money? wtf.
jay-z didn't participate in the remake of "we are the world" and when asked why he said it was because he didn't feel that anyone should remake the song...and then he compared it to "thriller." wtf jay-z, "thriller"? "we are the world" is an ok song with a great message, it's not nearly as good as "thriller"! i agree that the song probably shouldn't have been remade, it's weird to hear rap and auto tune but the message behind the song is a good message. but let's be real jigga, you just wanted to do your own song so you could be the center of attention.

ok so this tattoo seriously says will eat pussy. wtf! is that something that this guy really needs to advertise? does this tattoo help him meet the ladies? i don't know, but if he hasn't found that special someone he should date the woman with the dick sucka tattoo from last week. can anyone say M.F.E.O??

Run for Haiti

On February 20th 10,000 New York runners came out for a 4 mile race for Haiti. The New York Road Runners club teamed up with the NY Mayor's Alliance charity and organized this race in just 18 days! The cost of the race was $40 and 100% of the proceeds went to Haiti, we raised $400,000!! There are few words to describe how amazing it was to see 10,000 people who all came out to run and have a good time but also wanted to help the people in Haiti! New York never ceases to amaze me!

It was such a lovely day for a run!
these are the people who finish the race in 20 minutes!

this woman ran the 4 mile race while dribbling a basket ball. it was both impressive an annoying.

5 borough running gloves!

a nice mimosa is the best way to end any race!
Don't believe the hype that New Yorkers are cold and uncaring because it just ain't true!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're a Dick....

Dick Cheney suffered from his fifth heart attack yesterday. Five heart attacks! That's so many! It's hard to believe that a man without a heart can have so many attacks on it. Maybe it's some weird karma....I'm just sayin'....

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Friday Eye Candy

Do you remember how great the old Calvin Klein ads were? Well Calvin is back! After a series of disappointing ads with a well greased but not that sexy (to me) Eva Mendes we have returned to CK basics. Beautiful people and simple black and white photos. If I was in High School these new ads would be taped up in my locker! I had to stop myself from having them be my computer's background picture at work; just didn't seem all that professional!

who didn't love marky mark and the funky bunch?! i cannot refer to him as mark walberg. he is forever known as marky mark and the funky bunch

have been totally obsessed with kate moss since this ad came out in the 90s

kate moss and marky mark together equals the 90s version advertising perfection!

mechad brooks, you are a dreamboat...
this is the picture i would hang in my locker...

Gag Me Tiger Woods!

The most disturbing/shallow aspect of this "apology" by Tiger Woods was his super creepy and weird camera eye contact and his uber-slow monotone voice that for some reason made him seem insincere and at the same time just made me want to slap him a little. It's hard to know whether or not he is seriously apologizing for his actions or whether he's just apologizing for getting caught. My personal belief is that he's full of it. He's bummed he got caught and now that he's ready to start golfing again he needs to clean the image. Gag Me!

I found several moments completely ridic, for example Tiger getting angry at the media for following his mom and kid around. As stupid as I think it is, the media has been working overtime trying to find Tiger because he was in hiding! If he wanted to spare his family all the stress and dramz he shouldn't have disappeared for 3 months! I also thought Tiger's valiant attempt to say that the wifey didn't kick his ass with his golf club was laughable. Of course she did! And I'm only sorry she didn't get in some better blows!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Here's some things I'm confused about today.

wtf is wrong with people!? why did this chick get this tattoo??? there are no word for the level of crazy this chick is on. her boo probably loved it though!

wtf is up with male figure skating!? it is so weird! i don't remember it being quite this weird in the 80s-90s.

wtf is up with this guy? seriously america, this is who you chose to be your idol? wtf is wrong with you?

we all know i have a special kind of hate for beyonce but seriously wtf is up with wearing leather pants on an airplane? she looks like a middle age sad wanna be biker "babe."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun With Fashion!

Sometimes I dream about being a fashion designer and how awesome that would be. It would be wonderful to do something so creative all the time. Then I think about what I would like to design and it's clearly only stuff I would want to wear! Well it's looks like I'm not alone, Erin Featherston's Fall 2010 shows were filled with clothes that seem to be straight from her closet and the models were virtual clones of the designer. Now judging from the the looks below I might just a little biased but I loved her collection!

these 3 dresses encompass my idea of fall perfection!

i would like business attire if it was all this awesome...

awesome party dresses...yes please!

the adorable erin featherston...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Newest Obsession...

So after hating on Rihanna's new album because I felt that her producers made her too angry. We all get that she was pissed about the whole Chris Brown sitch but I wanted her to come off as more powerful than angry. I'm digging on her I Don't Give A Fuck style right now I wanted her album to be the same way. Well after giving the album a chance I realized that's exactly how it is! Now I'm totally stoked on it! I'm loving the videos too!


At first this song got on my nerves...too angry, I'm into it now though. I love the video! I'm diggin' the over stylized military theme.

Rude Boy

This is an 80s throwback in the best possible way! I love how ghetto fab and "low budget" this video is.

Awesomely Awkward...

I absolutely love that Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper are the faces of MAC's Viva Glam campaign this year! This year's focus in on women as the highest rate of infection right now is women between 17-24 and between 39-60. They are both such fixtures in the gay community it's nice to see them reppin' for the ladies too! It's great to have 2 strong women who represent both at risk age groups sending a message of sexual empowerment!
The duo made the rounds of morning tv shows this week. The interviews were mostly fantastic and informative but at times they were also awesomely awkward!

this interview was pretty great.

now i think it's hard not be awkward when being interviewed by Hoda and Al but at times the vibe in this interview was so weird!