Friday, February 19, 2010

Gag Me Tiger Woods!

The most disturbing/shallow aspect of this "apology" by Tiger Woods was his super creepy and weird camera eye contact and his uber-slow monotone voice that for some reason made him seem insincere and at the same time just made me want to slap him a little. It's hard to know whether or not he is seriously apologizing for his actions or whether he's just apologizing for getting caught. My personal belief is that he's full of it. He's bummed he got caught and now that he's ready to start golfing again he needs to clean the image. Gag Me!

I found several moments completely ridic, for example Tiger getting angry at the media for following his mom and kid around. As stupid as I think it is, the media has been working overtime trying to find Tiger because he was in hiding! If he wanted to spare his family all the stress and dramz he shouldn't have disappeared for 3 months! I also thought Tiger's valiant attempt to say that the wifey didn't kick his ass with his golf club was laughable. Of course she did! And I'm only sorry she didn't get in some better blows!

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