Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Friday Eye Candy

Do you remember how great the old Calvin Klein ads were? Well Calvin is back! After a series of disappointing ads with a well greased but not that sexy (to me) Eva Mendes we have returned to CK basics. Beautiful people and simple black and white photos. If I was in High School these new ads would be taped up in my locker! I had to stop myself from having them be my computer's background picture at work; just didn't seem all that professional!

who didn't love marky mark and the funky bunch?! i cannot refer to him as mark walberg. he is forever known as marky mark and the funky bunch

have been totally obsessed with kate moss since this ad came out in the 90s

kate moss and marky mark together equals the 90s version advertising perfection!

mechad brooks, you are a dreamboat...
this is the picture i would hang in my locker...

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