Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Run for Haiti

On February 20th 10,000 New York runners came out for a 4 mile race for Haiti. The New York Road Runners club teamed up with the NY Mayor's Alliance charity and organized this race in just 18 days! The cost of the race was $40 and 100% of the proceeds went to Haiti, we raised $400,000!! There are few words to describe how amazing it was to see 10,000 people who all came out to run and have a good time but also wanted to help the people in Haiti! New York never ceases to amaze me!

It was such a lovely day for a run!
these are the people who finish the race in 20 minutes!

this woman ran the 4 mile race while dribbling a basket ball. it was both impressive an annoying.

5 borough running gloves!

a nice mimosa is the best way to end any race!
Don't believe the hype that New Yorkers are cold and uncaring because it just ain't true!

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