Thursday, February 11, 2010

Newest Obsession...

So after hating on Rihanna's new album because I felt that her producers made her too angry. We all get that she was pissed about the whole Chris Brown sitch but I wanted her to come off as more powerful than angry. I'm digging on her I Don't Give A Fuck style right now I wanted her album to be the same way. Well after giving the album a chance I realized that's exactly how it is! Now I'm totally stoked on it! I'm loving the videos too!


At first this song got on my nerves...too angry, I'm into it now though. I love the video! I'm diggin' the over stylized military theme.

Rude Boy

This is an 80s throwback in the best possible way! I love how ghetto fab and "low budget" this video is.

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