Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Hard Out There For a Pimp

Let's face it, dating is hard! Dare I say that dating in New York is harder than most places? Recently while on a let's-meet-for-a-drink-situation-to-see-if-can-actually-stand-you thing I was told that the dating pool in New York was 60% women, 40% men. Thanks buddy, as though I needed to be reminded of that little fun fact at that particular moment! However the young fellow was speaking the truth, men have their pick of so many fantastic, successful, beautiful women and these same women seem like they are fighting for the 10 nice, emotionally available, relatively attractive/successful straight and actually single guys that are left! I want to believe that this theory was just a result of having an overly cynical possibly hormone charged day. I know single ladies out there like to complain about how there's a total shortage of good men in NYC and that the men they do meet are either not interested in a relationship or already married but I mean, it can't possibly be that bad out there can it!?
Well apparently it can be that bad out there! Apparently women will settle for just about anything...even a d-bag looking thief with a huge coke problem! I think it's absolutely crazy that this guy can find a partner not once but twice! Who cares if he's a felon, at least he's ready for a relationship? How sad...
In a city where living in a different borough can be a deal breaker for people; how is getting busted for stealing almost 20 million not a deal breaker?

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