Monday, March 22, 2010

Beatle Mania!

I'm the first to admit that my taste in music borders on ridiculous. Give me a fun dance song and I'm happy. I'm not into those weird Disney "musicians" or anything but I do love some nice radio rap and fun pop music. I basically just want some funky ass beats I can jive too.

While as an adult I seem to be drawn to pop music, my musical past is firmly rooted in rock and roll, classic rock as the kids call it. People might think my first big concert would've been New Kids on the Block but in fact it was Paul McCartney! This is the music that makes me feel the most, makes me remember the most, the music I grew up loving to, laughing to, hating to. It's the music that has made me who I am.

I don't listen to it all the time anymore but like all the music in my life I become fixated and obsessed with a single album/song and I end up just listening to it over and over. Maybe I'm feeling overly sentimental or something. Maybe I just miss being a kid but I cannot stop listening to the Beatles!

i love the hipster hair. what's old is new again

over 40 years old and this song puts so many modern "rock" songs to shame!!

so good, this music just doesn't get old!

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