Thursday, April 1, 2010

WTF Wednesday(ish)

This has been a week where I wanted to scream "what the fuck" at the world.
Here's why:
This week, after watching an episode of MTV's Diary (shame face) I learned that I am actually
older than this little douche bag's mother, which means I could be the mother of a teenage kid like this:

The very thought makes me want to vom a little. Justin Bieber is his name and if I was his mother I would tell him that his hair looks so ridic and then when he didn't change it I would just shave it off in his sleep and send him to military camp. He got "famous" when Usher discovered his youtube videos. What the fuck!? Now his mom is simply part of his entourage and unable to curb his super disrespectful behavior.

I am completely baffled by why we are still hearing
so much about Tiger Woods and now Jesse James. I'm sick of hearing that Tiger's mistress claim he's cheap and not romantic. What the fuck did they expect?? Flowers and diamonds? I think that stuff is saved for the wife ladies.

This is one of the classy ladies in a spread for Vanity Fair. Shame on you Vanity Fair! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you give these ladies any publicity at all??

And then we find out that Jesse James is entering rehab. WTF? Who cares! Do they have a douche bag rehab? If so, I hope that's where he is!

His classy lady has a tattoo on her forehead that says "pray for us sinners." I cannot even begin to explain how many things are wrong with that!

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