Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WTF Weds: Happy (?) St Patricks Day

Now I'm Irish so I guess I should think that St Patrick's Day is great but I actually don't understand it. When I was 19 I celebrated St Patty's Day by drinking from kegs of Green beer, either Bud Light or Natty Light (classy). However I haven't "celebrated" since then. I was invited to spend the day at the Hoboken St Patrick's Day recently and boy was it an experience, it's not a good sign when someone celebrates a major drinking holiday a week early! The drinking starts at 9am and the messiness starts around 9:45! I went because I'm trying to be more adventurous and so even though I am not a big fan of crowds or drunk young dudes I thought, what the hell?

I think my experience was tame in comparison to some of the other people I observed, but this was about as much St Patrick's Day celebrating as I can my life time! There are so many things I found wrong with a celebration that starts out by seeing young dudes puking in the streets and ends with cops and firefighter partying in their uniforms with what I can only assume are underage chicks. However what is right is catching the mayhem on photo and judging it later!

this was the scene at the train station. it was right around this time i began to rethink desire for adventure!

it's not very often i'm surrounded by such a lack of diversity. i believe my girls and i brought the flava and color to this party!

i was completely unaware of the dress code that included A LOT of uggs, 4 leaf clover tights and of course....

what st. patty's party would be complete without some sort of slutty leprechaun outfit?

my outfit included a hand dyed a tee shirt, my new fave olive green leather bag and to jazz it nail polish. that's about as spirited as i get!

i think it's very random that the police/fire department came to serenade the crowd with their bagpipe band...

but not nearly as random as them staying to party with the crowd after!

the whole thing seemed super weird to me. i guess that's how they roll over in Jerz...?

i spent most of the day filled with judgment but i did manage to also have fun, i really enjoyed my group of friends and at the same time made some new ones!

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