Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WTF Wednesday

What the F**k is up with Miley Cyrus? I don't understand why she seems to be Hollywood's newest "it" girl and why people think so highly of her! To me she seems like a mean girl who is slightly skanky and has bad posture; she is NOT someone who I would want my young daughter, sister, cousin, friend etc looking up to and/or emulating in ANY way!

i mean seriously people, she's like 16! how inappropriate can you be?!

i would like to say that she's just posing funny but let's get real she just has horrible posture!

Since we are on the topic of young Hollywood vixens WTF is the fuss with the Twilight kids?? Is it just me or do they just seem slightly unattractive and probably not very talented?

i don't think i can get over how weird the plot of these movies are. vampires that can be in daylight but only if it's foggy. that just doesn't even make any sense to me!
i don't care what kind of six pack this kid has, he isn't all that dreamy to me. he's just looks like a kid! but i know plenty of 30 somethings who love him! weird!
i just really don't find these two attractive. they are always just a little too disheveled for my taste. i sort of get robby's brooding english thing but i don't understand why kristen stewart seems so pissy all the time. maybe she's not naturally bubbly (i can sympathize for getting crap for that) but she seems annoyed to be doing interviews and things for movies she's getting paid to promote. like i get it, i often don't want to be at work but once i get to my job i gotta suck it up and be pleasant!

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