Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WTF Wednesday...Damn You Apple!

So I'm a marketing person's wet dream. I basically feel like I need every new product that comes out! It ranges from snacks to shoes to electronics, if it's new I want it! My newest craving is the iPad, I am so mad at Apple for their clever ad campaign that I'm convinced was made especially so I would go crazy lusting over this new gadget. When it was first introduced I was confused as to what the iPad was, I thought it was a really big phone. When I found out what it was I thought it seemed pointless and way to expensive.
Well that was until this commercial which uses colorful adjectives to make me drool: thin, beautiful and magical. They called it a revolution and I love to be ahead of the trends. It's like they knew some of my favorite things and have worked them into the commercial just to tempt me! They used both Winnie the Pooh and Edward Kennedy's memoir True Compass (I love the Kennedy's) and it's working...I'm tempted! The worst part is that it still seems slightly pointless and way too expensive only now I don't care, I just want to own it! Damn you Apple!

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