Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WTF Wednesday...The Grossness of Celebrity

I don't know what the tipping point was but the obsession over the celebrity has reached a level of grossness that I don't want to be a part of. I have always been a fan of pop culture but celebrity culture has become too wrapped up in pop culture. I sit at a desk all day long and it's hard not to follow the world of celebrities. But I've had enough!

The term celebrity has also taken on a new and disgusting definition. People used to become famous for being talented (actor, singer, athlete) or sometimes being a politician, or the wife or child of a politician led to fame (the Kennedy's). With that fame came some kind of responsibility to try and behave in a certain way, not that olden timey day celebrities were perfect but they were held to higher standards then the "celebrities" of today. These days it seems almost anyone can become famous and for doing almost anything, look at the Kardashians. They are everywhere, but why? Has the whole family has become famous because of Kim Kardashian's ass and sex tape, really? Now they have a reality show, a line of clothes, a line of weight loss products and probably a whole bunch of other stuff. It's weird!

Back in the 60s John F Kennedy was forever cheating on his wife and the press didn't cover it. Even more unbelievable is that even though Franklin Roosevelt was basically paralyzed from polio he was never photographed in a wheelchair. That just would not happen today. We've seen what happens in today's world...can anyone say impeachment hearing? Today JFKs mistresses would be all over the media! There would be new stories and photo spreads, they would become "famous." I imagine FDRs handicap would have made it impossible for him to become Pres but if he was elected he would be photographed, ridiculed and the Rush Limbaugh's of the world would talk shit about if it made him a better/worse leader.

Today we are bombarded with celebrity bullshit all day every day. There are gossip blogs that spend their days talking smack about celebrities - perez hilton has gone so far as to call certain celebries babies ugly. These websites often use painful experiences that people have (drug addiction, infidelity) and make money off of it. It is disgusting and it makes me feel really bad for famous people. Paparazzi follows celebrities around, often creating dangerous situations, just for a picture of Jessica Alba going grocery shopping. It seems so intrusive...

But wait! Because at the same time these gossip blogs are spreading rumors the celebrities themselves are over sharing their lives on Facebook and twitter. It's so weird! I can find out what Puff Daddy, Ashton Kutcher and Nicole Richie are doing every second of every day. There is a milkshake shop in Hollywood that got all this "press" and all these celebrities to create milkshakes; there's a Miley Cyrus shake and a Pamela Anderson vegan shake. Well this shop is actually owned by a member of the paparazzi. Yuck.

Well I say enough is enough! Let's live our own lives. Let's want to look up to people for creating positive change in the world not for creating a reality show or sex tape. The only way that these people will cease to exist is if we stop going to the websites or buying the mags! Oprah has a no texting while driving campaign well I want to start a no celebrity gossip blogs while working campaign...who's with me!

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  1. I'm with you, girl. It is sometimes fun to watch reality tv for shits and giggles, and those people really brought it on themselves for continuing to sign up season after season, a la Jersey Shore.

    But, certainly there are more constructive ways to spend time. I mean, our dear friend Richard St.Ofle, just finished a novel. He wrote a fucking novel. Now, that is something worth my time to read.