Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cute Kittens Everywhere!!

You know people talk a lot about their kids and their dogs but for some reason it's considered weird or sad to always talk about your cats. Well I'm not having it! I have these super attractive cats that I should be able to show off without being judged as a sad cat lady.

They started out so little! Herman and Matilda, the sweetest cutest kittens siblings ever. They were rescue kittens and the ASPCA makes you adopt kittens in pairs; everyone wants a buddy right?

Herman has turned into a huge majestic man cat. He's extremely handsome, a bit of a couch hog, a bit of a bully and a total scaredy cat (no pun intended)! He hides in the shower whenever he hears a loud scary noise.

Matilda has turned into quite the supermodel! She has the face of an angel but don't mess with her! She's very ladylike and a bit of a snob. Just like any good model she loves make up and sadly has a bit of a weight issue.

I was very happy with Herman and Matilda, having 2 cats is perfect. There's 2 humans that live in the apartment, the cats can keep each other company, you don't have to worry that 1 is lonely. I was very happy with this situation.

Well over Thanksgiving weekend we came home to find this lying right outside the front door of my apartment....

This little girl was skinny and dirty and her whiskers were totally uneven but she was so cute and spunky I had to take her in. She captured my heart immediately, and while an effort was made to find her a new home I think she knew we belonged together.

Eliza Doolittle has had no trouble fitting right in! Even though she's the littlest she basically runs the show and bosses the other 2 around.

Herman has definitely accepted his new little sister. They are homies. Matilda on the other hand has no time for another bitch up in her area. They have yet to really bond.

Recently Eliza had a legion on her back and needed to keep it covered so she wouldn't scratch it. She ruined the gauze wife beater the vet put her in so she was put in this lovely tee shirt. She was super unhappy about it....but I sure thought it was funny!

Herman was nice enough to also wear a tee shirt while his sister was convalescing. He's a nice big brother aka it's super funny and awesome to put him in a tee shirt!

It's a little crazy to have 3 cats in a NYC apartment, it feels a bit like a zoo sometimes. However even though 3 cats is a lot I love them all and feel grateful they've let me into their lives! That being said, 3 is it! Another kitten better not show up on my doorstep! If the amount of animals doubles the amount of people in an apartment that's when you've crossed into crazy town!

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