Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They Should Be Called Genius Phones....

I've often said that the iPhone changed my life, well until recently I wasn't sure exactly how much. A few days ago the most amazing deal came my way that I just couldn't pass up. A friend was looking to send an iPhone to someone overseas and offered me $150 for mine! This means that I can get the new iPhone for $50, which is amazing because as a slave to every new product available I've been drooling over the new iPhone! Unfortunately what I didn't realize is that that the phone was sold out everywhere! I had to sell my phone immediately so what do I do in the mean time? I can't go without a phone. Well I was able to borrow a friend’s old hot pink razor and this is when I realized that my life is dependent on the technology that the iPhone provides
The day I got the razor I had to run a bunch of errands and unlike the past few years I actually had to know where I was going. I'm used to being able to quickly Google map any location I'm trying to go and get exact subway directions, including where on the platform to stand in order to exist close to my destination. On this day I had none of that and just happened to be carrying a 15lb bag of cat litter around; needless to say I would've loved my iPhone in that moment. The other thing I can't believe I ever lived without is a full keyboard; texting on a flip phone is a nightmare!
I was lucky enough to borrow a very quirky and confusing phone with a full keyboard from another friend. Once I can figure out how to do things like turn it on/off it will totally tide me over just fine until I get my new phone. I think all in all this will be a good experience for me. It’s probably for the best to slow down and be disconnected to technology and maybe more connected to the world for a while; but just a very short while! In today's fast paced world smart phones seem to be almost a necessity; we are just too dependent/addicted on technology to not be able to check email at any time, take a funny picture and upload it to Facebook immediately, or find a bar/restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I definitely appreciate the ease and convenience smart phones have brought to our lives and I won’t take my pretty new phone for granted at all!

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