Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Family's Moral Dilemma...?

So I always assumed that ABC Family was a channel geared towards family friendly programming, you know the kinds of shows I'm talking about, shows with some sort or moral message. Basically a bunch of shows just like 7th Heaven, my idea of a nightmare. Well, their version of family shows is just plain weird and their "messages" are buried pretty deep and are often hard to find.

ABC Family is responsible for Secret Lives of the American Teenager, apparently teenagers secret lives involve sex and teen pregnancy. Let's get real, that's not really that big of a secret, right? I sadly don't watch this show so I can't really speak to it's message, but I think we can all pretty much assume how it goes. Smart girl makes a poor choice, has sex, gets pregs, must deal with the consequences of being a teen mom. She must navigate between trying to maintain her normal teenage life with being a mom. She must keep the baby because girls with morals don't do abortions or I guess adoptions...although if that happened there would be no show would there?

Sadly I do watch (and shamefully enjoy) Make It Or Break It, a show about a bunch of teenager gym stars and the drama of their lives. Being an elite gymnast is surprisingly dramatic. There's the poor girl who is forced to take a job to help support her family, her boss is a "meth head". Yes they actually refer to her as a "meth head". Then there's the overly insecure girl who got drunk and lost her precious virginity to her BFF's boyfriend and then spends the rest of the season trying to make up with the BFF and also scheming of ways to make the boyfriend fall madly in love with her. Along with underage, sex, drinking, drug use and lying by the kids we also have cheating, lying and shit talking parents. None of this seems very family friendly, does it? Well enter Candace Cameron's character, remember her from Full House? Well she's the sexy single gym manager who despite being a teenage slut now practices abstinence and preaches about Jesus and his love all while being a huge cock tease, I mean flirt! Well alrighty then, apparently under all that dramz is some kind of convoluted moral message. I guess Jesus is the magic word that gives morality to any situation...I'm going to have to remember that, thanks ABC Family.

ABC Family has a new "hit" on it's hands which signals a move away from message shows and towards campy, over stylized, over dramatic teen soap operas that seem to be targeted more for adults than teens. I don't have kids or anything but if I did, sure wouldn't let them watch this show. Centered around the lives of 4 best friends and the murder of their other best friend; it's basically a weird mystery. They are being stalked and tormented by either the girl who was supposed to be killed or the killer. Sounds confusing right? Mix in a little student teacher affair, sexuality issues, shop lifting in order to get attention, slutty single moms and cheating spouses you have a very entertaining 45 minutes of TV.

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