Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Joy of Sunday Funday

There are so many activities to take advantage of when you live in a city like New York, it can be slightly overwhelming. However in an attempt to have a super fun summer despite the heat and be more adventurous I'm determined to do more of the free stuff this city offers.
First on my list...Summerstage, a (mostly) free concert series in Central Park. A couple weeks ago on a very hot, very muggy afternoon Raphael Saadiq played and it was the perfect opportunity to lounge with friends and a great way to beat the heat!

When I have to have a no bang day, you know it's humid, sticky and hot!

Good music, good snacks and sangria are perfect ingredients for an awesome Sunday funday with the ladies

It was also a great day to make new friends, or at least friends for the day!

Tried to be "sneaky" and get a pic with this guys shirt. Don't think it worked!

I love that outdoor concerts are the types of events where everyone can have fun

Some people napped

I am fascinated by what I see as a reemerging trend to use one's shirt/cleavage situation as a holding place for stuff. This girl was holding her Blackberry in her crop top.

Most people danced...I found this woman very entertaining.

Ok, so I hate socks and shoes and would like to be barefoot all the time if I could but it was like 100 and humid this day, how in the world was this person wearing socks!? I do have to give props for the Annie blanket though!

Saw this sign right outside the venue. Not a very welcoming family, right?

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