Monday, August 2, 2010

Nerd Crush...

So I have serious obsession with Franklin Roosevelt. I read a biography about his presidency during WWII, No Ordinary Time, and ever since then I cannot get enough of him!

Luckily for me the cutest mom in the world, mine (!) shares my love of FDR. Although not quite to the same degree.

Last time my mom visited NYC we went up to the Roosevelt home and FDR presidential library. It was amazing, all things Roosevelt! Even the bus from the train station to the house was Roosevelt themed.

Taking photos with this bronze version of the Roosevelt's was a highlight of my day. The statues were slightly sketchy but super awesome!

I recently went to a cocktail/happy hour thing at the Roosevelt's NYC home. It was just renovated and will be the home of a new Policy program at Hunter College. They took us on a tour of the home where I learned that I knew more about the Roosevelt's then the tour guide.

I totally would've been the president of his re-election campaign. I have serious admiration for the way he ran the country during 2 difficult times in history. It takes serious guts to govern during times of crisis and he led the US through the depression and WWII. During the depression the Roosevelt administration had the kind of out of the box thinking that simply doesn't and quite possibly couldn't exist in today's political culture, even though it seems as though in this moment in history we are in desperate need for it!

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